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Home Theater and Professional Audio/Video


Get the complete desired audio/video experience in your home and business with custom-designed home theaters and distributed audio.

We are committed to delivering quality-engineered and easy-to-use audio/video systems for private homes, HOA, condo clubhouse theaters, boardrooms, hotels, restaurants, and training facilities. Only proven quality equipment is utilized in our system designs.  

Enjoy a theater-like experience with an enhanced sound system designed by Audio Plus. Enjoy stereo in every room with distributed audio and have control over that audio with a wireless system. With an Audio Plus custom installation, you can have the ability to control audio in every room with your tablet, smartphone, or specialized remote.  Complete your theater-like experience by adding lighting control. Through Audio Plus, you will have available to you solutions for all your audio, video, building, and automation needs.


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Thank you for your interest in Audio Plus Electronics. To learn more about how we can install your surveillance system, home automation and more, give us a call or send us an e-mail.

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