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Intrusion Alarm and Automation Systems

Feel secure with systems that alert you of any suspicious activity around your home or business and have complete control by adding automation.

Intrusion alarm systems will provide security for a home or business by sounding an audible alarm, contacting the central monitoring office whom will alert you by phone, and if so needed will dispatch local police at the first occurrence of a break-in.

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Choose the automation features you want based upon your individual needs and budget.  Automation features may be installed in new construction or easily retrofitted into existing homes or businesses.  An automation system controls and monitors various aspects of your security system to maximize safety, comfort, convenience and to dramatically save energy.

Utilizing an iphone, ipad, or android smart phone you can:

  • arm or disarm the intrusion system
  • check and adjust lighting
  • adjust temperature
  • view surveillance
  • adjust or turn on or off audio
  • AND MORE....

Automation systems offer customized solutions, and are designed to simply your life.

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